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Weight Loss Motivation - Body, Heart & Soul

Article Written by Thin Thin

"Never put off tomorrow what you can do today."


A respective and thoughtful prospective, but many times it's easier said than done. Such is the case with weight loss and dieting. Our three tips to shift the balance into high gear.

1. External Support - BODY

Enlist the help of any method or means which inspires you to lose weight.

Friends, family, support groups, websites, books, electronic media - even shopping for smaller-sizes will help inspire and motivate weight loss.

2. Internal Support - HEART

One must believe in their own self before attempting weight loss or face swift failure.

No matter how many pounds one has to lose, each pound was gained 'one pound at a time' and each pound will come off 'one pound at a time'.

What goes up, must come down and in the case of weight, with motivation and determination, weight loss is achievable.


Throughout the years, I've heard many individuals say that their experience with Weight Loss Failure had nothing to do with weight loss motivation - that no matter how motivated they were, the pounds just refused to surrender.

As I recall my own weight loss story, at one point it was weeks before I experience significant weight loss.

I too felt as if no matter how hard I tried, the weight wouldn't come off.

However, I decided to stick to my guns and sure enough, the weight did come off.

This said, there are times when weight loss motivation must be paired with patience to achieve weight loss success.


Whenever the dieter perseveres and weight loss does not ensue, the best recourse is to run to the doctor or nutritionist as quickly as possible rather than stick their head in the sand and go off the diet because there is indeed, a reason why the weight is refusing to surrender.

3. Spiritual Support - SOUL

Getting in touch with your inner self not only invites a sense of peace, it also invites other warm friends such as hope, love and a sense of well-being.

Our Maker has powers unknown and we only need to ask for guidance and strength for it to be eagerly handed to us.

And of course, before beginning any diet or weight loss plan, you should always meet with your health care giver.

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