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Dieting - How to Lose 10 Pounds or Less

Written by Thin Thin

Lose 10 Pounds or Less Safely


Dropping even a nominal amount of weight can be difficult.  And it may help to realize that almost everyone desires to lose ten pounds. It's a very popular number!  

In addition, there are many dieters who would give the world to be a 10 Pound Weight Loss Seeker - so feel good about that, if nothing else.

To get started, pick the situation that applies most to your 10 pound weight gain:

a. You have currently lost weight and are trying to lose those last 10 pounds.

You may need to adjust your diet, which means lowering the amount of daily calories.  You may also need to incorporate more activity into your daily weight loss plan to get those last ten pounds off. Both require much patience and determination - and most of all, time.

Tips to Speed Up Weight Loss


- Eat a healthy breakfast.

- Eat dinner as early in the evening as possible - but not so early so that you become famished before bedtime.

- Be sure that everything is in working order, particularly the intestines. A broken pipe in the body can render an increase on the weight scales. If you have recently lost all those extra pounds and you are down to your last ten pounds, the good news is that they will come off! The bad news is that the last ten seem to be very stubborn in ridding from the body.

Experiment with new recipes to ensure that your diet stays exciting.

- Keep motivated by reading weight loss articles and sharing your dieting experiences with friends and family.

Remember that as each day passes, a little bit more of the unwanted weight has dropped off. Losing weight takes time - losing weight takes patience, and losing weight takes great determination.

If you have recently lost weight and are seeking to get rid of those last ten or less stubborn pounds, it may seem like they are never going to fall off.

But of course they will if you continue to be patient, recharge your metabolism a bit and change up your exercise routine.

The body tends to adjust to one mode - the current mode that we place it into.   By shaking up your diet and exercise routine, you may in turn shake up your weight loss scales.

To speed up metabolism, be sure to:

- eat a healthy breakfast
- eat dinner early on - before 6 p.m.
- consume adequate calories
- eat smaller meals throughout the day

b. Within the last twelve months, you have gained ten pounds and are trying to lose them before you gain more.

Losing 10 Pounds or Less Via Burning Calories

If you have recently gained ten pounds, the quicker you lose those pounds - the easier it will be to lose them. Does that make sense?

Simply put, pounds that are packed on tend to be more difficult to drop than pounds that have been recently gained.

It is important to determine the reason why you put on the weight, unless of course - you know the reason why.

Allergies, diabetes, thyroid, liver issues, and an  imbalance in hormones - all contribute to weight gain, so these issues need to be ruled out before embracing a diet or weight loss plan.

Other factors leading to weight gain include a decrease in activity level, eating more calories than the body uses, and often times, stress.


This is where you'll need to start in your quest to lose your 10 unwanted pounds:

- be very determined and patient
- be willing to take time to learn about the food you need to eat
- discover outlets to release stress
- exercise
- and of course, visit your doctor to determine reason for weight gain

c. The ten pounds came on slowly over the years.

If you have experienced a ten-pound weight gain over time (what an experience to remember, eh?), you can easily lose that unwanted weight by committing to a diet plan - but not to just any diet plan.  You'll want to embrace a healthy diet plan based on some rather famous Food Groups. You remember those guys, right? They reside in the healthy Food Pyramid:

The Grain Food Group, The Protein Food Group, The Dairy Food Group, The Vegetable Food Group and The Fruit Food Group. Take note that grains should come from whole grain food sources. In addition, make smart choices in the area of protein. While animal proteins are the most common choice for individuals - don't neglect the healthier Vegetable Protein Group. Your arteries and veins will thank you generously. For fruits, insert the citrus and brush after eating to discourage tooth decay. For vegetables - go wild with colors.

By making a few adjustments for a handful of weeks, that weight can be gone.  And if you'll commit a step further by watching your diet in the future, you may never have to contend with those extra pounds again.

Why Did I Gain the Weight?

Since the weight gain was brought on slowly, obviously you have a very good idea regarding the amount and types of foods that your body needs to maintain a specific weight.   Slow weight gain is often due to:

- decrease in activity level
- ageing
- snacking
- sluggish metabolism

Activity for Faster Weight Loss

Activity - Coupled with diet, exercise will help you get rid of the weight faster while strengthening your body. Body toning is another great perk from exercise. Try taking a walk every other day, or at least 3 times per week.  Plan to walk at least 1 mile each time.

Hot Spots - Eating & Weight Gain Traps

Eating - Holidays, get-together's, family events, celebrations - these are all culprits that can lead to weight gain over time. Therefore, keep on your toes during these situations, as well as concerning the types and amounts of snacks that you enjoy. Another loss tip: Reaching for raw foods equals fewer calories than reaching for donuts.

Sluggish, or Challenged Metabolism - Over forty may spell Over the Hill for some metabolisms. If you're among the metabolism-afflicted, you'll need to work harder to ensure a smooth running metabolism.

Activity is one way to recharge the metabolism enjoying small meals throughout your day is another. Sitting down to breakfast will also revive a sluggish metabolism, jump-starting it so that it begins the calorie-burn for the day.

If you are experiencing problems getting off those extra ten pounds, check with your doctor to rule out underlying conditions such as thyroid issues, hormonal issues and diabetes.

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