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Dieting: Tips for a Healthy Breakfast, Jump Starting Your Diet

Written by Thin Thin

Tips for a Healthy Breakfast & Menu Suggestions for Weight Loss Results


Don't Break for Dough Boys, Doughnuts & Dough Wads: Breaking to these doughy well-bred foods may help you break your weight loss goals. The average donut contains 180 calories and 'lard only knows, how many grams of fat'.

Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, Hard, Ruffles, Scrambled, Poached: No, we're not referring to your sex life, or even your morning ahead! We're simply collecting and putting all of our Diet Eggs in one basket so that we might answer a frequent question among dieters: Which cooking method is easiest on the waist when it comes to cooking eggs?

Frankly, when it comes to calories, all egg-cooking methods are close when non-stick cooking spray is used for frying instead of butter or oil.  Calorie wise, the best overall bet would be a boiled egg when consuming the entire egg.  Check the egg carton for calories, because that's going to be dependent upon the size of egg used.

Our Diet Egg Joke: Dieter Alan got advice from his doctor that he was allowed to eat only three eggs per week due to a certain health issue - Cholesterol on the Edge.  He promised his nutritionist that he would abide by her suggestion, though it would be difficult for Dieter Alan, as he was a big egg lover.


By and by, time passed - twelve weeks in all, and Alan returned to the nutritionist for a cholesterol check.  He patiently waited for the results, knowing that they would be stellar because he had been a very good boy - eating only three eggs per week.

Nutritionist Nancy appeared in the doorway, quite frustrated for some reason. Alan looked at her and calmly asked, "What?"

She asked, "Alan, how many eggs per week have you been stuffing down?  Your bad cholesterol is not only off the roof, it's to the moon and the cow is jumping over!"

Alan knitted his brows, looking quite puzzled.  "Only three per week - just as you prescribed.  I was very careful too, taking care not to consume hidden eggs in recipes throughout the day.  I just don't understand."

Well, Nutritionist Nancy settled down a bit, now that she knew Alan had been a good boy - even though the 'boy' was forty-nine and holding. Maybe his problem was heredity.  She cleared her throat, then queried, "Only three.  Hum." Then a thought struck her.  "Alan, what size were those eggs?  Small? Medium, large or extra large?"

Alan scratched his head and eased out, "I suppose they were pretty small - as ostrich eggs go, that is."

Don't Surrender to Sweet: Although tarts that are popped, and toast that is Frenched are both lovely, they aren't lovely when you're trying to lose weight. Most toaster tarts contain about 400 calories a pair.  Talk about a full house.  And you sure don't want those calories to move down into your basement.

All these little things add up to big weight loss!The 'Okay - But You Can Do Better' Breakfast Menu

Other than water and reduced calorie drinks, liquids tend to be very pricey when it comes to calories.  Juice is a prime example and was recently touted by the Health World as a chief contributing factor to obesity and weight gain in kids.


On that note, the following fall into our 'Okay - But You Can Do Better' Breakfast Menu:

- liquid breakfast in a can
- popular breakfast bar

- granola bar
- liquid yogurt in unbreakable bottle

- lightly buttered toast & spoon of jam

- small stack of pancakes & light syrup

- serving of canned fruit packed in heavy syrup

A healthier breakfast selection incorporates the foods in the Official Food Pyramid such as fresh fruits, veggies, grains, dairy and proteins.

Jerk-Starting Your Diet Day - The 'Jerky' Breakfast Menu - The Unhealthy Breakfast Menu

- nothing
- cinnamon roll(s)*

- diet  soda

- just coffee OR just tea

- candy bar (at times, may be a King Sized Version)

- coffeecake, cupcakes, cheesecake, cakes, pies, cookies, other sweet home-style bakery foods

Actually, eating NOTHING for breakfast isn't the worst that an individual can do for their body - unless of course, they have a health matter that requires 'no missed meals' - such as diabetes. Eating nothing is better than loading up on a fast food, triple cheese, triple sausage, triple egg French sandwich roll. A healthier breakfast selection incorporates the foods in the Official Food Pyramid such as fresh fruits, grains, veggies, dairy and proteins.

*Diet Tip for Cinnamon Rolls - If you decide to indulge in one of the popular Monster Cinnamon Rolls at the local mall, take note that most contain over 600 Monster Calories.  A good example is the classic Cinnabon Roll which contains over 700 calories and almost 25 grams of fat.  Delicious - no doubt, but share with a friend or order a smaller roll; be smart and eat healthy for the remainder of the day. Don't forget to count those calories!

Although these cinnamony jewels are sticky-bad when it comes to health matters, cinnamon has been proven to render health benefits.

The following breakfast suggestions are "Just Perfect" for dieters and non-dieters alike.

Golden Omelet Fills My Diet Plate: 2 egg white/1 egg yolk omelet (or use egg substitute) with mushrooms, bell pepper and a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella cheese. Prepare with no calorie buttery cooking spray.

O Goody It's Oatmeal: bowl of oatmeal served with low fat milk, no calorie butter spray, Splenda PLUS one slice of whole grain bread also using no calorie butter spray.

Breakfast Bagel: Small bagel lightly smeared with light cream cheese PLUS 1/2 cup fresh fruit.

Fruit Plate: 1 cup of fresh fruit PLUS 1 container of low fat/sugar free yogurt PLUS 1 ounce of REAL cheese cubed.

The Big Easy: You'll need two non-stick skillets to prepare.  Sauté the following in non stick, no calorie butter flavored cooking spray: sliced mushrooms, bell pepper (green, yellow, orange or red OR a mix of all), finely chopped onion.  Add one egg, a dash of milk, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper; cook until golden yellow.

Spray 2 slices of  whole grain bread with no calorie butter spray and toast in the remaining skillet until golden brown.  Add two slices of microwaved bacon, 1/2 slice of cheese and the cooked scrambled egg mixture to one of the toasts. Carefully place other toast on top to create The Big Easy.  

This delicious breakfast sandwich recipe contains about 300 calories and delivers a breakfast that is big in taste and little in calories and fat.  And it pulls nutrition from the following Food Pyramid Blocks:  vegetable, dairy, grains, protein, fat - although minimal.  Top off with a side of 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries and Welcome to Diet Heaven.

Don't Jerk-Start your Diet Day - Jump Start it!

If you have strolled down to your local market lately in search of  breakfast foods, you know that there's an entire section devoted to breakfast foods. Good cereals, bad cereals, breakfast bars, breakfast drinks. You'll meet Ms. Butterworth, a Quaker, Aunt Jemima, Captain Crunch - and it doesn't stop there because if you wander to the dairy case, you'll find more breakfast foods there - from eggs to bacon sitting right beside The Pillsbury Doughboy.

It's frustrating - trying to sort out the best foods for you and your family - weighing the healthy odds so that you'll weigh in light while attaining a healthy body.

Why Breakfast is so Important:  By now, all of us know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Breakfast actually 'breaks' the overnight 'fast'.  It sets our metabolism into action for the day.   Breakfast is also one of your most important Keys to Weight Loss Success, helping to set the pattern for Life's Healthy Menu. And breakfast helps regulate blood sugar levels so that you'll feel better, think smarter and have the necessary energy to complete your tasks.

While a Diet Arsenal of breakfast foods exist, most aren't healthy AND most have a lot of competition - i.e. foods that aren't commonly classified as Official Breakfast Foods - some of which, will be on our Breakfast Diet Naughty List in a bit.

Back to the breakfast foods - the traditional breakfast foods.  Unhealthy aspects include cereals that contain more salt than pickles, more sugar than a glass of tea; cereals that are touted as Fiber Heroes that are closer to being Fiber Fossils - because they are way behind the Healthy Limit Line when it comes to fiber content. It's nothing more than a situation involving Big Diet Guns, Little Diet Shooter.

In addition to the other Diet Hostiles found down the typical breakfast section at the local market there are Sweet Breakfast Contenders.  Starting the day out on a sweet note can reap sour health notes.

Sweets are sweet when it comes to taste, but they are also sweet with cholesterol, fat, calories and preservatives.  True - if you want to enjoy something truly sweet for the day, eating it as early in the day as possible is best because time left in the day allows ample space for the calorie burn through activity or by balancing the remaining calories and fat in the daily menu.

Although all food is energy, all food is not nutritious, and sweets tend to fall in that category.  Even though most sweets fall into the non-nutritious category, not all are totally Diet Evil.  Just use your good sense to discern what is best. Example: A hot fried apple pie OR a hot baked apple pie?  

Remember that the closer that goody is to nature, the better for your health. Although the baked apple pie contains a good deal of calories, in addition to fat in the crust, the fried pie is actually bathed in hot oil - much of which is absorbed into the little pie and onto those once-little thighs.

The unfortunate thing about traditional breakfast foods is that a good deal of them are considered fatty and fully-loaded with cholesterol.  Examples include: bacon, sausage, eggs, butter, margarine,  jams, preserves, creamer, biscuits, syrup and honey - so it takes a good effort by the dieter to healthy-up the breakfast table.

A good thing about breakfast foods is that they are appropriate for any meal of the day!  Pancake suppers don't have to be a dieter's nightmare when the recipes are substituted with healthy ingredients.

Breakfast OR Fast Break?

Most individuals begin their day by hitting the city streets or country lanes at a gallop, taking no time to ENJOY the most important meal of the day - breakfast.

They have no time - no time for better health, and that's a shame, because if they would only take time to implement this important part of the daily diet, in the end, they would gain so much more time in life span - the lovely rewards from eating healthy . And they would increase their odds of losing that dead weight currently weighing them down.

Reasons Why Individuals Forego Breakfast

- Some individuals shun breakfast because they believe that it incites their hunger, and therefore, they will eat more during the day.

- Some individuals don't enjoy breakfast because 'why eat when you're not awake?'.

- Others just can't find the time in their busy life.  Interestingly enough, moms and dads almost always find time to feed their kids, yet skip out on breakfast themselves.

Possible Healthy Breakfast Solutions

Those late risers may due such because of their work hours, or they may simply enjoy sleeping in.  A possible breakfast solution would be to allow their self to fully wake up, then enjoy a small, healthy brunch.

Moms and dads on the go would make a healthier meal choice by opting for the quick cereal bars and yogurt drinks rather than stopping by a popular fast food stop serving that high fat, high calorie breakfast after leaving home. Unfortunately, most do choose to "Break for Fat" rather than "Break the Fast".

As for those who feel that eating breakfast will only add to their pounds, recent studies indicate that implementing a healthy breakfast curbs appetite, encourages weight loss in the body, allows the body to more efficiently process foods, removes the kinks from the old metabolism thus speeding it up a notch, and that healthy breakfast even improves brain speed and power. So by all indicators, enjoying a healthy breakfast may actually contribute to weight loss rather than weight gain.

The Health Key to breakfast centers around a healthy menu, but there is a vital missing element that should be the focus. That  focus should be on an individual establishing a pattern - a healthy pattern for eating - a life pattern for healthy eating.

Skipping out on the metabolism skips out on good health.

Substitute Teacher: Try substituting butter with no calorie cooking sprays and butters.  Rather than full-blown syrup, opt for light.  Use Splenda for sugar.  Make it a practice to purchase low fat milk and creams.  Use no calorie cooking sprays to get the job done.


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