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The Caveman Diet, Prehistoric Man

Written by Thin Thin

The Caveman Diet, Natural Foods for Impressive Weight Loss Results


Diet of Prehistoric Man

For weight loss, let's return to the basics of man - to a time when green was lean and the only driving machines came in the form of fast-moving tootsies.

Problems with the Modern Day Diet

The modern day diet is filled with too much fat, too much sugar, and too much Goody Fun. And to be frank - and who doesn't like frank? - it's fun, fun, fun while it lasts!

Problems ensue once the body begins to take on a new shape, going from a figure eight to a round eight ball.   It's quite depressing - and I'm speaking from the voice of experience - having successfully dropped over 100 pounds over a decade ago.

Once the lights die down and we're standing in a pile of cream pie banana peelings, pecan pie shells tinted with pecan pie filling and empty bags of other tempting goodies, the Diet Truth dawns on us.   Yes, we've been bad, we've been naughty and now we must pay the price.


And that price?   It comes very high in the form of dieting....

The Caveman Diet

In the prehistoric days of the caveman diet, hours upon hours were spent gathering foods for the tribe. Woe be to yon taste-tester.

And those that weren't gatherers were hunters, searching for more hours on end for tasty things to eat, only a mere hand-crafted spear separating the caveman from their meal, and sometimes a gigantic thunderous dinosaur.   Many times, the caveman did not take the flag.

As time passed, man entered the age of advancement where machines took on life saving precious time for the daily grind rather than forging for food.

But needless to say, amid all our advancing we forgot about the essential element of inserting exercise into our daily routine - something that came naturally for the cavemen of yesteryear.

The modern day caveman kisses the wife on the cheek and heads off to the daily grind, thoughts of a late breakfast on his mind.   There hadn't been time back at the old cave as the rug rats had proved difficult this morning.

Stopping at the fast food joint on the way to work, the modern day caveman grabs a sausage, biscuit, cheese, egg concoction containing more calories and fat than the Ark had animals, as he drives along the highway at a fast clip, his breakfast in one hand, his other hand making a fist and lifting it at a rather careless driver.

When our modern day caveman arrives at work, he receives a quick ear-chewing from his female boss, his spirits dashed for the day.   Furthermore, he is on the layoff list. Great.


With all the stress of the modern day caveman, he can barely focus on his job - much less his diet which consists of far too much fat, far too many calories. His daily diet is the last thing on her mind - and it was about the only thing on the mind of the prehistoric caveman.

The Cavewoman Diet

In today's world, the modern day Cavewoman generally awakes, prepares breakfast, pieces together a face for the day, dresses the kids, hugs the honey - then heads off for the daily grind, a long day at the office.

But amid her workday, her mind is cycling wildly.   Are the kids okay?   Am I a good wife?   A good mother? What can I fix for dinner?   Will I have to stay late at work again?   When is it going to be time for me?

Amid all these stressful concerns, the modern day Cavewoman creates a web of worry - adding even more stress, thickening up the web. Her daily diet is generally the last thing on her mind - and it was about the only thing on the mind of the prehistoric Cavewoman.

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