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Dieting - The Importance of Counting Calories

Written by Thin Thin

Diet Tips for Counting Calories for Weight Loss


In a perfect world, everyone would be thin and able to eat anything that their heart desires.

However, we don't live in a perfect world - and we sure can't eat anything that we want - at least without packing on unwanted pounds.

Before I lost over 100 pounds nearly a decade ago, I used so many methods and techniques in hopes of getting my weight under control.

In the end, the only effective method for me proved to be counting calories.   And it's worked like a charm - allowing me to keep my trim figure while enjoying the foods that I really like to eat for over a decade now.

Counting calories takes a bit of patience in the beginning - as well as learning to be a good label reader. But in time, I became quite adept - not even having to glance at labels or inside calorie books.

Throughout the day, to this day - I simply add up my daily calories and when I reach the number of calories that my body requires for the day, I quit eating. And I carefully plan each daily diet menu, taking care to space-out the calories to ensure that blood sugar levels remain even. Doing such also ensures ample energy levels throughout the day.


One of the most embarrassing situations that I've experienced in my life was losing weight, then regaining the weight.   I'd drop five pounds, then gain back ten.

I'd drop ten pounds, then regain twenty - and so forth.

So when I lost over 100 pounds, I made a promise to myself that I would never ever never regain the weight again.   First of all, after losing that amount of weight - it would have been just too embarrassing to deal with.   Twenty pounds is one thing - but over 100 - well, that's quite another.

Another aspect is that once I learned the proper way to maintain my weight - I learned it was very doable. Are there times when I want to cut loose?   Sure!   Do I?   Heck no!!   And I never will again.

Will I ever have a donut, a cupcake, pudding or cheesecake?   You bet!  


And that's the glory of counting calories.   Simply add up what your body uses each day, then stop eating.

It is difficult?   Yes, it can be at times, but when I remember where I came from - as well as the responsibility that I feel towards my readers at Thin Thin, there is no food capable of tempting me back into the land where I came from.

How irresponsible it would be to regain the weight when my readers have such faith in me.   Unless I am able to follow my own recommendations, and be a living example, what substance could others gather from my knowledge and advice?

I learned much along my journey - which I have passed along to my good readers throughout the years. What I have experienced is what I also desire for them to experience - a healthy weight, a healthy diet, healthy activity and a healthy mind set. There is no other recipe for a healthy life that comes close to this one.

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