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High Protein Diets for Weight Loss

Written by Thin Thin

Health Risks Associated with High Protein Diet Plans


Protein in the Daily Diet - The Healthy Positives

Diet plans rich in protein may assist in keeping hunger under control; protein supports muscle as well as impacts overall health. A high protein diet may also abate water retention, fight fatigue and boost energy levels. However, excess protein in the daily diet can trigger serious health risks and concerns.

High Protein Diet Negatives, Including Health Risks

- For individuals with certain health problems, a daily diet high in protein may pose serious health risks. If an individual suffers from a kidney, urinary tract or heart condition it is important that they speak with their healthcare provider before embracing a high protein diet for weight loss.

- A diet that is high in protein that is chiefly comprised of animal proteins can increase bad cholesterol and negatively impact the circulatory system in the body.


- High protein diets can trigger a dietary imbalance when the dieter replaces protein choices for fruit, vegetable, grain, dairy consumption - which in turn may increase fat intake.

- Daily Diets that are low in caloric consumption may trigger excess calcium excretions in the body.

Protein Daily Requirements

The 150 pound male requires about 50 grams of protein daily; unfortunately the typical American male consumes about two times this amount of protein - more often than not, the protein derived from fatty foods.

The average American woman consumes more protein than the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for American males - about 65 protein grams per day. Again, the protein source is generally derived from fatty food choices.

Summarizing High Protein Diets for Weight Loss

Thin Thins does not recommend a high protein diet for weight loss. Instead, embrace all the healthy food groups housed within the Official Food Pyramid. A balanced diet is the optimum diet for good health, as well as achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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