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Written by Thin Thin

The Healthy Food Pyramind - The Big Picture


The picture of the food pyramid below is based on the USDA Food Pyramid and outlines all of the healthy foods necessary in the daily diet for optimum nutrition.

Although the pyramid simplifies our daily diet, including our daily minimum nutrition requirements, the reasoning behind the food pyramid is complex.

1. The fat in the food pyramid is used by the body to pad and protect organs and provides healthy skin and nails.

Fat is an important part of the food pyramid and your daily diet weight loss program.  

Diet plans that cut fat totally from the diet (fad diets) should be avoided!

Totally cutting fat from the diet can turn Rapunzel to Uncle Fester in no time flat. In other words, totally eliminating fat from the daily diet - or even an intense restriction - will indeed cause hair loss. 

2. Dairy products have been associated with enhancing weight loss. In other words, by incorporating at least 3 cups of skim milk into your daily diet, you'll lose weight faster.  

3. Proteins, fruit, grains and vegetables also play big roles in the daily diet.

For the most favorable weight loss results explore the healthier foods which are closest to Mother Nature. They make the best choices from the awesome food pyramid. All the foods housed within the food pyramid are vital to your diet and key to permanent weight loss success.


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