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Slushies & Smoothies Diet Shake Recipes

Written by Thin Thin

Slushie & Smoothie Diet Shake Recipes for Weight Loss


This section of our tasty Slimming Shake recipes is filled with tasty, ultra-low calorie floats, slushies and smoothies that will tickle your Diet Fancy while reducing your fanny, thighs and hips!

In fact, this Dream Team is so low in calories that you can have several throughout the day should you require that little extra nudge to help get you through the Diet Day.

Not only are these lovelies low in calories, they contain minimal OR zero fat as well as some impressive necessary nutrients. As for the melon-based beverages, the melon will act as a diuretic to rid your body of unwanted water weight – an added ‘natural’ diet plus!

If you prefer Honeydew Melon rather than the watermelon or cantaloupe, then go for it! It contains about the same amount of calories as the given melons.

This section is best enjoyed during the hot old summertime. If you’re throwing a party on your patio or deck, simply drag out the punchbowl, put on a Jimmy Buffet CD and increase the ingredients in any of the recipes below by the number of people attending your party. These cool drinks are so hot that your guests will be saying, “Come on ‘n spank me, baby!”

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to THOROUGHLY blend all shakes containing candy and other items that cannot be consumed easily.

Siberian Toast - Serves 1 for about 65  calories


Diet Slim Shake Ingredients:
1 cup of diet Vanilla Coke

½ cup of low fat/light vanilla ice cream (130 calories per ½ cup)

¼ teaspoon of REAL vanilla (optional for Vanilla Lovers)

Spoon ice cream into frosted or chilled glass.   Add vanilla to top of ice cream.   Pour in the Vanilla Coke.   Serve immediately.

Diet Float Tips: Check out the nutrition label of your favorite topping next time you are at the market.   You’ll find that your extra creamy oomph varies in calories – from about 15 calories per serving to 25 calories per serving, depending upon the variety you choose. If you want a lighter shake, skip the topping and use only ½ of the recommended amount of ice cream.

Call the Doctor - Serves 1 for about 65  calories

1 cup of diet Dr. Pepper
½ cup of vanilla low fat/light ice cream (130 calories per ½ cup)

Spoon ice cream into frosted glass pour in soda and enjoy as soon as possible.

The Antelope - Serves 4 for about 56 calories each


Ingredients for this Diet Friendly Shake:
4 cups of ice cold scooped cantaloupe

4 ice cubes

4-6 packets of Splenda or Equal

1 teaspoon of REAL vanilla extract

Blend all until slushy.  

Diet Float Tip: If you bring the cantaloupe to a half-frozen stage, your slushy will be thicker.

Watermelon Luau Slushie - Serves 4 for about 50 calories each

Ingredients for this Diet Friendly Shake:
4 cups of ice cold seeded/scooped watermelon

4 – 6 ice cubes

2 - 4 packets of Splenda or Equal

Blend all until slushy.  


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