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Slimming Diet Shake Recipes

Written by Thin Thin

Over 100 Slimming Diet Shake Recipes to Boost Weight Loss Results


Enjoy at meal times, for snack time - even bedtime. Our slimshakes are also a great way to get a healthy serving of milk into your daily diet.

Our slim shakes tend to be lean on calories, too - like our Whispering Thongdance shake below. Get a good gawk at those curved glasses – at those glistening rims dotted with luscious strawberries.

Best of all, you can enjoy one shake for about 65 calories OR two shakes for about 125 calories.   The ENTIRE recipe contains a mere 250 calories.   Just look at how much this recipe produces – all for only 250 calories!

And it’s not only our Whispering Thong Shake – you’ll get this much volume with ALL of our shakes!   So if you are ready to get shakin’, simply navigate to the shakes of your choice using the menu located to the left of your screen OR navigate by the skim, slim shakes listed below.

We know that you are anxious to try out all the 101 Sensational Slimming Shakes & Floats collection, but before you begin let’s touch on some very important Diet Notes.

We recommend that you serve your shakes in beautiful fragile stemware, goblets, Irish Coffee mugs, rootbeer mugs, insulated containers, your everyday glassware, parfait glasses – any container that sets off your luxurious shakes.   Dark-colored beverage containers will emphasize the beauty of your shakes.   As previously mentioned, the shakes are VERY GENEROUS.   You will need very large beverage containers – no kidding!

Don’t forget the cute coasters or those little paper umbrellas!   Or if you’re feeling like getting lost in the 50’s, grab your Crazy Straw.

Most of the shakes require nothing more than pitching all of the ingredients into your blender or mixing bowl, then flipping the switch until your shake or float is rich and frothy.   Even so, we’ll provide detailed instructions for each shake, as well as suggest a unique or fancy way that you might wish to implement for ‘presentation’ purposes.

Our shakes are prepared with skim milk at 70 calories per cup.   If you do not like skim milk, simply use 1%, 2% or even whole milk and count those additional calories.   If you use whole milk, you can save a bit of calories without giving up the ‘whole’ taste by using ¾ cup of milk and 3-4 additional ice cubes.     We allowed 15 calories per 2 Tablespoons for our whipped topping and used Cool Whip/Fat free variety in our shake recipes – though a generic will work just as well.

Chilling your mixing container as well as the beaters (should you be using a mixer) will render the most favorable shake – as well as add froth and lightness to your shake.   Another tip is to chill the milk inside your freezer in advance.   The colder the milk, the thicker the shake!   Coldness allows the ingredients to increase volume, sort of like a country-western singer’s hair looked during the 1960's.


If you would like to ‘further’ reduce the calories in your shakes, it is totally up to you because yes, with the delicious slimming shakes, you can certainly do that with minimal loss of tasty goodness.   If you prefer less fruit, use less.   If you prefer less milk, use less – and so forth.   And during our testing phase, we discovered that by increasing the liquid (generally milk) content by ½ cup, an additional serving could be rendered.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, try to substitute an item that would parallel with the other ingredients.   For example, peaches might be substituted for strawberries.

All recipes have been tested in the Thin Thin kitchen for accuracy and consistency.   However, elevations, the size of certain ingredients, brand names, and the sweetness of local ingredients are a few of the things that will influence the final output as well as the calorie content – but these of course, are VERY minimal adjustments. When in doubt, use your Common Cooksense & Calorie-Wise Knowledge.   If the recipe serves more than one, simply reduce the recommended ingredients or share with a family member or friend.

We are also partial to Splenda and Equal – but feel free to substitute your favorite no calorie sweetener.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to THOROUGHLY blend all shakes containing candy and other items that cannot be consumed easily.

Okay – let’s get to shakin’ with a few nutrition notes! 



What our free slimming shakes ARE:

Shakes are generally 150 calories or less.

Shakes can be enjoyed with a meal, or as a snack.  

You can even substitute breakfast for one of our delicious shakes.

Shakes are wholesome and healthy, most made with REAL milk.

The majority of the Thin Thin shakes can be prepared in about 2 minutes or less.

Shakes are made with terrific ‘normal’ ingredients that can be found in most kitchens.   You won’t need to purchase exotic goat or camel milk to prepare our shakes, or grow your own passion fruit from scratch.  

Nor will you need to purchase an expensive commercial mixer to prepare your shakes.   A simple hand-held electric mixer, a mixer stick, or a blender will all do nicely.

The Thin Thin slimming shakes taste wonderfully good!

You’ll wind up with a cute Milk-Mustache that not only looks healthy – it IS healthy!

What our shakes ARE NOT:

The slimming shakes are not a ‘meal in a can’ although they make a healthy ‘on the go’ breakfast.

The slimming shakes do NOT taste like you’ve swallowed a case of iron or a bottle of vitamins because they contain Mother Nature’s own sweet natural vitamins.

The slimming shakes are not intended to assist you in starving by missing a meal during diet time, rather as a tasty low calorie, healthy treat that can be enjoyed during diet time!   You will feel full and satisfied after a guiltless-indulgence in these shakes and you’ll feel good about yourself for making not only a healthy choice, but also a delicious choice! Dieting should be fun and your diet should be full of treats to help keep you on The Old Diet Trail.    

Should you be diabetic, since most of the shakes are sugarfree, these recipes may add a sensational spark to your diet.   Before using, please get the thumbs up from your physician.

Okay – let’s get to shakin’! 

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