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50 Free Diet Menus

Written by Thin Thin

50 Unique Diet Menus Included Below With This Article


Maine Lobster, Louisiana Gumbo, Texas Bar-b-que and New York Pizza - what a spread!  And if you enjoy a unique dining experience, you may just fall in love with our 50 free menus honoring the good old USA. It may have you saying 'Oh Glory!' with a whole new meaning as you flag down your favorites from our State List of yes - 50 FREE diets!

We have tried our best to remain true to the flavor of the states and regions while retaining flavor in our dishes. In addition, you've just come across original recipes created in the Thin Thin kitchen and these recipes are exclusive to - which means, you won't find these recipes posted anywhere else on the net!

Ready to get started?  Ready for something tasty?  Something lean?  Something light that tastes like a Million Calories? Yep, you've just hit pay dirt, pardner.


- A diet menu for every state in the USA packed with nutritional goodness, and just a couple of the healthier slightly naughty snacks that reflect the flavor of the state.

If you would like to share our menus with a friend, please provide the link to this page as all menus are copyrighted and are exclusive to Thin Thin. Now, let's have some fun!  Simply follow the links below to patriotic fun - the healthy way.

Our Weight Loss Meal Formula

To keep as satisfied as possible while dieting, it's a good idea to ration out your calories so that you are never placed in a situation where you are so hungry that you throw your diet away.

We suggest that you allow 350 calories for breakfast, 500 calories for lunch and 400 calories for dinner.  Allow about 100 calories for a couple of snacks throughout the day.  Total calories - about 1,350.

Free Diet Menus Based on the 50 States of the USA

Alabama Diet Menu | Alaska Diet Menu | Arizona Diet Menu | Arkansas Diet Menu | California Diet Menu | Colorado Diet Menu | Connecticut Diet Menu | Delaware Diet Menu | Florida Diet Menu | Georgia Diet Menu | Hawaii Diet Menu | Idaho Diet Menu | Illinois Diet Menu | Indiana Diet Menu | Iowa Diet Menu | Kansas Diet Menu | Kentucky Diet Menu | Louisiana Diet Menu | Maine Diet Menu | Maryland Diet Menu | | Massachusetts Diet Menu | Michigan Diet Menu | Minnesota Diet Menu | Mississippi Diet Menu | Missouri Diet Menu | Montana Diet Menu | Nebraska Diet Menu | Nevada Diet Menu | New Hampshire Diet Menu | New Jersey Diet Menu | New Mexico Diet Menu | New York Diet Menu | North Carolina Diet Menu | North Dakota Diet Menu | Ohio Diet Menu | Oregon Diet Menu | Oklahoma Diet Menu | Pennsylvania Diet Menu | Rhode Island Diet Menu | South Carolina Diet Menu | South Dakota Diet Menu | Tennessee Diet Menu | Texas Diet Menu | Utah Diet Menu | Vermont Diet Menu | Virginia Diet Menu | Washington Diet Menu | West Virginia Diet Menu | Wisconsin Diet Menu | Wyoming Diet Menu


Copyright Notice:  The following original recipes were created in the Thin Thin kitchen and these recipes are exclusive to - which means, you won't find these recipes posted anywhere else on the net!

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