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Obesity & Overweight Statistics - The current percentage of adults ranked as obese stands at 34%. Keep in mind that 34% represents obesity - not overweight. When overweight is factored into the Weight Equation, about 70% of the American public is experiencing issues with weight.

High Protein Diet Plans for Weight Loss - Although protein-rich foods can assist in keeping hunger better under control, too much protein in the daily diet can be accompanied with serious health risks for certain individuals. 

Why are 10 Pounds so Hard to Lose? - Whether you've lost a lot of weight and are down to those last 10 pesky unwanted pounds, or if you're simply trying to lose 10 pounds, why are they so hard to shave off?   Never fear because we have answers and some great suggestions to assist in losing those last ten unwanted pounds.

Sexy at Any Size - Think you're too fat or overweight to be sexy? Then think again....

Macaroni & Cheese Recipes - If you're a Mac & Cheese Lover trying to lose weight and find yourself longing to include your former favorite in your diet plan or weight loss plan - then, oh yes you can! The following weight loss tips and trimmer Macaroni & Cheese recipes can guide the 'weigh'.

Super Foods Can Cause Super Weight Gain - Super foods. They are a bit like Santa these days - they're everywhere! And more often than not, they are accompanied by a super food health plan which includes daily recommendations of super foods that will empower the mind, the body and the spirit, with some super foods being more super than others. Oh my, I can feel my feet lifting off the ground for take-off!  

Tiny Meals Equal Big Weight Loss Results -  Yummy lower calorie, reduced fat recipes to oomph-up your weight loss results! 

What Do You Hate About Dieting? - See if any of these situations ring a bell in your diet...  

Making Weight Loss Easy -  The terrible truth is that dieting is actually an extremely complicated matter. If everyone had been created equally, weight loss would be a piece of rice cake.

Break for Dough Boys, Doughnuts & Dough Wads: Breaking to these doughy well-bred foods may help you break your weight loss goals. The average donut contains 180 calories and 'lard only knows, how many grams of fat'.  With the kids back in school, the lax-a-daisy breakfast now poses a brand new problem: "What's quick, healthy and good  to eat?"

The Keys to Weight Loss Success - Opening the door of Weight Loss Success is easy when you have the keys! Keys?  Yes - KEYS. Unlike most doors, the door of Weight Loss Success requires several keys to open.  We'll give you the keys - so you can unlock that door.  

Thin is in but This is the Most Important Outcome of Dieting - Some people say that the most important outcome of weight loss should be weight loss while others argue it should be good health.  It's neither.....  


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How Many Calories in Eggs? - One of the most - if not the most popular star on a reduced-calorie weight loss plan. So low in calories - so high in nutritional values.

How to Look Thin Without Dieting

Want to look a lot thinner without having to go on a restricted weight loss plan? Almost everyone does, but they don't quite know where to start - except for that lighter, leaner daily eating plan.

If this sounds familiar, we can show you how to remove pounds without changing your current mode of eating. And more great news - because it takes as little as a minute and a half per day.

Free Diet Menus - If you're searching for simple meal and menu planners for your reducing plan, then you've just hit a goldmine! We share our daily plates with you along with tips that you can apply to your plan for improved fat loss results.

Body Cleansing for Weight Loss or Body Detox - Ironically, these types of body detox plans, solutions and programs serve to unleash harmful toxins into the human body. While the liver and intestines can deal with some of the released toxins, the remainder are left to run amuck within the body, thus creating a situation which can place the body at great risk for disease. It's important to note that when the toxins are housed within the adipose tissues, they are relatively harmless; body detox actually sets potential risks in motion. This is a very informative article and one that you should read before considering any type of plan that will eradicate or eliminate toxins - or one that involves fasting for losing weight.

Why Can't I Lose Weight? - Simple tips that can tips the scales; why gain weight when you can lose? We'll show you how to reverse the damage and remove that heavy burden.

Common Causes of Weight Gain - We'll light the way to a thinner you!

15 Bean Soup, Golden Cornbread - Comforting autumn menu which is easy to prepare. Perfect for any type of autumn party.

BLT Sandwich Menu - How to prepare a light, lean and healthier bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Yes - you can enjoy your BLT and lose the weight too!

Over the Counter Vitamins - The health risks associated with vitamin supplements, including toxicity symptoms.

Skinny Autumn Pumpkin Pie Recipe - Grab your favorite scarecrow and make our delicious autumn pie to compliment this beautiful season of the year. Our recipe removes a lot of the fatty calories so that you can feel good about that golden slice.

Calories in McDonald's Salads - Popular menu item for dieters and low in calories.

1,000 Calorie Diet Plan - Example of 1,000 Calorie Diet; 1,200 Calorie Diet Plan | 1,300 Calorie Diet Plan | 1,500 Calorie Diet

Foods Low in Acid Content  -  Having a spot of trouble with your tummy? If so, by avoiding or limiting these foods, you may experience relief.

Picture of Food Pyramid - Healthy recommendations to get you on track with your weight loss plan.

Men's Weight Chart & Women's Weight Chart - Recommended weight charts for men & women.

Easy, Free Busy Day Diet Plan - Our Busy Day Diet Plan is easy, free & can assist the busiest of busy in dropping unwanted pounds, safely.

Can Salads Make You Fat?  -  Oh yes indeedy!  Even a Thin Lizzy! Our savvy salad tips for keeping calories low and slim.

Step by Step - How to Lose Weight - Don't know where to start? We'll point you in the right direction. 

Weight Loss Motivation - Need a little push off the Weight Gain Cliff? Need a little weight loss motivation? It's right here, baby.

What's in Those Little Fast Food Fish Sandwiches? - Calorie content and nutritional information for popular fast food fish sandwiches. Let's dive in! 

Free Weight Loss Plan - Don't know where to start? We'll point you in the right direction. If you’re currently on a diet or weight loss plan, odds are - this isn’t your first Diet Rodeo. But ‘this time’ you’re very serious about roping those extra pounds and pitching them into Never-Never Diet Land. No more clowning around where weighty issues are concerned. We will show you how to lose those unwanted pounds quickly, safely and permanently. Let’s get started losing weight, shall we?  

How Long Will Weight Loss Take? - Having an idea of the time it's going to take to drop all those unwanted pounds can be a Weight Loss Motivator.

Lose Weight Without Dieting -  How to lose weight and get healthier without dieting. Tips to fuel weight loss to achieve a longer, healthier life.

Simple Weight Loss Plan - Spring has sprung, hatching so many delicious, healthy, good-earth solutions for a simple weight loss plan. Forget those detailed diet menus and all the work that tend to accompany such. A simple weight loss plan is more healthy, more tasty, less expensive and lower in calories for quick weight loss results. And who doesn't like that!

High Protein Diets & Weight Loss - Although high protein diets are all the Weight Loss Rage, they are accompanied with significant health risks.

Bikini Weight Loss Tips - No matter what time of the year, when Bikini Season rolls around Bikini Lovers want to look their best - so the Weight Loss Quest begins something like this.... 

Carb Dieting for Quick Weight Loss Results -   We have a plethora of information relating to carb dieting that will assist both carb dieters and non-carb dieters alike in making healthier choices in the daily diet thus triggering weight loss results.

The Weight Loss Goddess -  Weight Loss Goddesses come in all shapes, all sizes, all colors!  They may be a perfect weight, underweight, or overweight. A Goddess is a Goddess is a Goddess. Always. This Weight Loss Goddess says, "Whatever size you are - it's perfectly okay!"

Weight Loss Hurdles & How to Jump Safely Over Them - Amy wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with high anticipation of starting her day. She's going to the fair and oh my, she's going to have fun! Then everything falls apart as she walks outside to her car to discover four flat tires. If you're trying to lose weight and all is going well - and then a big pile of something suddenly materializes before you, we have some savvy weight loss tips to help you hop over the weight loss hurdles. 

Missing Comfort Foods for Weight Loss - Almost-all diet plans for weight loss start out great with the dieter very focused and motivated to lose weight. But as time S-L-O-W-L-Y eeks by, most dieters start missing their former favorite foods. If this sounds familiar, we have some great suggestions that will satisfy your cravings for some of the most common food favorites.

Weight Gain Damage Control - How to easily identify foods than can trigger weight gain.  Weight gain is not always due to over eating. Stress, lack of sleep - even growing older can add pounds.  The good news is that they can be controlled and eliminated with a bit of Diet Savvy.

Build a Better Sandwich Naturally - Kick Mayo to the side of the curb and take a ride with our savvy weight loss tips  which can assist in not only creating a healthier sandwich, but also very creative sandwiches that are mighty tasty.  

Dieter Beware - Weight Loss Promises & Guarantees - Unfortunately, some aren't worth the 'screen' they are written upon. What to watch for to protect yourself against a hokey diet that stinks for weight loss results and poses risks to your health.

Is Your Diet a Platform for Permanent Weight Loss? - Diets these days, they come and go and where they land, nobody knows. Many weight loss programs and diet plans feature a game-like platform. In the beginning, it's really fun answering all the personalized questions, as well as determining which type of diet personality you might be, or which foods best-fit your astrological symbol, or counting the number of times you chew a particular food - but in the end the bottom line is, "Is your diet or weight loss plan more of a game than a healthy mode of weight loss?"

What is the Minimal Amount of Food My Body Requires While Dieting? - Example of a 1,200 calorie diet plan, including food serving size amounts and serving suggestions.

10 Must-Ask Questions Before Going on Any Diet Plan - Too often we don't take time to get in touch with our own basic self. At times, we may be proud of ourselves for doing something unexpected. At times, we may even surprise ourselves over our personal accomplishments. At times, we may shock ourselves at how we react to a certain situation because we became wrapped-up in the moment. From all of these 'moments' we learn, and what we learn impacts our future behavior.

With this said, getting in touch with your Diet Senses can go a long way in achieving permanent, healthy weight loss. Here are our 10 Must-Ask Questions that should be posed before going on a diet or weight loss plan. The answers you give can provide insight and understanding going forward, and can assist in accomplishing a successful weight loss endeavor.

What to Expect While Dieting - Weight loss brings about so many great, healthy things for the body - and losing those extra pounds is certainly a moral booster! Getting there is certainly a tall hill to climb, and in some events it can be a mighty mountain. However, the results waiting on the other side are certainly worth all the Weight Loss Grief.

Dessert Aisle Equals Fruit Aisle - You may never look at desserts in the same limelight again. This is one mighty-sweet weight loss article.

How Weight Gain Reoccurs & How to Prevent Weight Gain Away - Before you go on any diet or weight loss plan, ask yourself the following questions, "Am I ready to embrace the number of recommended daily calories forever going forward in order to sustain my recommended weight?" "Am I willing to balance my daily diet with a healthy dose of activity?"

What Triggered Your Weight Loss Decision? - Your answer can assist in achieve permanent weight loss results. 

Diet Hamburger Recipe - About 300 calories of total nutritional goodness! Filling and delicious. Discover how to save a plethora of calories while building a delicious and healthy hamburger.

Quick Diet Tricks for Weight Loss -  A plethora of quick diet tricks to achieve healthy, safe weight loss results.

Super Snack Choices for Dieters -  Yummy snacks equal a more successful diet plan for weight loss. 

Good Diet vs Evil Diet -  Pitting good diet against bad diet. The suspense is earth shattering! Who will win? 

The Keys to Weight Loss Success - Opening the door of Weight Loss Success is easy when you have the keys!  Keys?  Yes - KEYS.  Unlike most doors, the door of Weight Loss Success requires several keys to open.  We'll give you the keys - so you can unlock that door.  

Weight Loss & the Exercise Factor - Most of the globe seeks cushie jobs - those jobs where one sits and ponders most of the day. Little movement is required, except walking into the building and back out again - discounting those trips to the snack machines, restroom  and lunch room and a bit of computer thumping. So what is a person to do?  

Life's Healthy Menu  - Good health, weight loss, overall improved fitness, enhanced esteem - all great rewards from Life's Healthy Menu. Yet, why do so many people fail to take what's theirs?  

I need to lose 10 pounds |  I need to lose 25-75 pounds

Pear or Apple - Apple or Pear? Although the Pear-Shape might represent the prospect of a longer life over that of the Apple-Shape, ‘pairing’ a healthy daily diet with exercise may produce the Apple of Mother Nature’s Eye. So for those struggling Apples, take heart in that a longer life can indeed be accomplished with just a little elbow grease.

Managing a Healthy Diet on a Limited Budget - Healthy free menus to help you keep both your daily diet and pocketbook healthier! 

How to Live a Long, Healthy Life - Tips to increase life span, good health and stamina.

How Weight Loss Impacts Your Budget & Your Grocery Cart - How many times have you heard someone say, "I can't afford to lose weight"? Is it really more expensive to eat healthy? And how will weight loss change the 'look' of your weekly grocery cart, as well as the look of your kitchen pantry?  

Hate Veggies? -  You're not alone. Some healthy tips and our personal veggie saga....

Three Power Breakfasts - You'll feel like you've zoomed-off and left your diet behind with these three high-protein, low calorie breakfasts. It's the breakfast that keeps on giving throughout your busy morning. Go energy! Yeah weight loss!

Six Quick Free Diet Menus -  Familiar foods ready in a flash!

Weight Loss & Low Calorie Recipes

Low Calorie Chocolate Cake Recipe  -  Yes - you can have your Diet Cake & eat it too! But our low calorie chocolate cake recipe is so delicious, one would never assume that it's also weight loss friendly.  

Diet Caveman Incognito - Take away all the tweezers, hair trimmers, makeup and hair color and what would the face of Modern Day Man look like? No doubt, we live in a pedicured world, our daily diet not excluded.  

Deprivation of Rest & Relaxation May Lead to Weight Gain - Busy, busy bees - it's the motto of the Modern Day World. Progress equals success - success equals money. It may also equal weight gain.  

How to Experience a Successful Diet - Everyone wants to be a Thin Lizzy!  And preparing for the Battle of the Bulge ensures victory. Our diet tips and the things that you need to know before beginning any diet plan. 

Weight Loss Motivation - "Never put off tomorrow what you can do today." A respective and thoughtful prospective, but many times it's easier said than done. Such is the case with weight loss and dieting. Our three tips to shift the balance into high gear.  

Opening the Window of Weight Loss Success

When Healthy Vegetables Can Make You Fat Rather Than Thin - Just this morning I heard a  recommendation which directed dieters to focus on vegetables for weight loss. A great suggestion for dieters - but there are times when eating vegetables can add on pounds.

How Fussy is Your Fork? - Has your fork gotten a little out of hand lately? Too tough to handle?  There's no controlling it?  Then we've got some tips that may help tame the fussiest of forks.

The Diet State of America  - Free Diet Menus for all 50 states!  See what's on your menu and start getting slimmer today.


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