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Weight Loss Tips - Fruits, the Best Dessert Selection for Weight Loss


Dessert Aisle Equals Fruit Aisle

Written by Thin Thin

You may never look at desserts in the same limelight again....


Have you ever noticed that grocery markets generally have the bakery section positioned right next to the fruit and produce section?

The two go hand-in-hand; strawberries and strawberry pie, pumpkins and pumpkin pies, peaches and peach-topped pastries, raspberries and raspberry-filled donuts, blueberries and blueberry bread, blueberry pie and blueberry cobbler, lemons and lemon pie, lemon cake and lemon cookies, carrots and carrot cake, bananas and bananabreadand muffins - and the dessert menu goes on and on and on.

And it's very hard to resist decedent desserts because they are so visually attractive - and they smell so heavenly. Try sniffing a sweet banana in its jacket and compare the sniff to a luscious slice of banana bread.

The Diet Truth is that there is no comparison - the banana bread wins hand's down. However, when we flip our experiment to calories and nutritional values, the decadent banana bread is left huffing and puffing at the Diet Start Line while Mister Healthy Banana stands waving his banana peeling arms in sweet victory!

Oh - those healthy calories, that awesome dose of potassium - one long, passionate fruit that's intended to pump your body with healthy nutritional offerings time and time and yes, time again.


And when we pause to take a second glance at the gorgeous length of this big guy - as well as his fruity partners living together beneath the roof of the healthy food pyramid, we can see just how handsome and....a-peeling this group can be.

And sure, when fruits aren't picked at their peak, some can hold sour or bitter properties that our taste buds will find lacking.

BUT, when fruits are grown, harvested and packaged correctly - there is no bakery itemthatcan compare to their delicious taste.

Take last summer... We purchased a container of strawberries at our local market and they were sweeter than any pie or cake that we've ever had - and eons more delicious. Wasting no time, we rushed back to the market and purchased a few more packages of these luscious strawberries.

To get a good ideal of how many calories you can save when choosing fruit for dessert over its bakery counterpart, we've included a nifty chart below. In fact, to lose those unwanted pounds, you may need to do nothing more than pick fruit for dessert in its natural state over prepared desserts.

Fruit Selection

Serving Size


Dessert Selection

Serving Size



1 cup, whole, fresh

46 calories

Strawberry Cheesecake

1 small slice

400+ calories


1 cup, fresh

84 calories

Blueberry Pie, Baked

1/8th of a 9" pie

290+ calories, commercially prepared

360+ calories, homemade


1 cup, fresh

62 calories

Blackberry Cobbler

1/12th of 9" X 12" cobbler, homemade

350+ calories


1 cup, fresh

64 calories

Raspberry Filled Donut

1 medium donut

300+ calories

Cherries, Sweet

1 cup, fresh

84 calories

Cherry Pie, Baked

1/8th of a 9" pie

325 calories, commercially prepared

486 calories, homemade


1 small, fresh

51 calories

Peach Pie

1 small fried pie

400+ calories


1 small, fresh

77 calories

Apple Pie, Baked

1/8th of a 9" pie

296+ calories, commercially prepared

411+ calories, homemade


1 apricot, fresh

17 calories

Apricot Pie

1 small fried pie

375+ calories


1 small, fresh

90 calories

Banana Cream Pie

1/8th of a 9" pie

231+ calories, commercially prepared

387+ calories, homemade


1 medium, fresh

37 calories

Fig Cookies

1 fig bar cookie

56 calories


1 cup chunks, fresh

84 calories

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

1/9th of an 8" square

367 calories


50 dark raisins

78 calories

Raisin Pie

1/8th of a 9" pie

500+ calories

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